Eating my way around the world

Month: November, 2014

LSD in steak; Apples that fight obesity; Japanese farm mangas; + more in food news…


I love the magazine Modern Farmer. Here are some recent interesting articles that I’ve come across from the magazine, and beyond:

Whoa dude, trippy steak…
Apples are the new diet pill
Japanese mangas that feature farms
A step in the right direction for McD’s (I still won’t here there)
Newfoundland is making an appearance in the foodie scene; some of its items are controversial
McDonalds & fact checking
Thanksgiving dishes by state


Keeping the food movement local in India

From The Economist: It seems India is like the O.G. when it comes to the local food movement


A serious brunch

My husband ordered a serious lunch the other day: fried chicken on cheddar & jalapeƱo waffles with two fried eggs on top, smothered in gravy, served with a side of maple syrup. It was as much of a mouthful as it was just writing out the description. Needless to say, it was damn good.