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Mid-Week Laughs

newyorker3                           cartoon alex-gregory-food-snob-fear-factor-new-yorker-cartoon
Cartoons from The New Yorker

I just came across two hilarious essays, one written by comic Kelly MacLean about her shopping experience at grocery retailer Whole Foods, the other by author (& mom) Maura Quint justifying eating all of her kid’s dinner. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did:

Whole Foods

Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Ps: Martha Stewart’s Mac’n’Cheese recipe has been my go-to. It never fails, but don’t try to make this low-fat by using skim milk, the sauce isn’t rich enough and makes the noodles a bit dry. I do use whole wheat elbows, and whole wheat bread though.


LSD in steak; Apples that fight obesity; Japanese farm mangas; + more in food news…


I love the magazine Modern Farmer. Here are some recent interesting articles that I’ve come across from the magazine, and beyond:

Whoa dude, trippy steak…
Apples are the new diet pill
Japanese mangas that feature farms
A step in the right direction for McD’s (I still won’t here there)
Newfoundland is making an appearance in the foodie scene; some of its items are controversial
McDonalds & fact checking
Thanksgiving dishes by state

Obesity Economics 101


The Fat Bastard, from Austin Powers

Fascinating: From The Economist, this article illustrates through statistical data that being obese makes one prone to earn less than the average; obesity = not having a bachelor’s degree.

Required Reading, Volume 4

Anchovies on house-made potato chips with aioli at Parador, a Spanish tapas joint in Egg Harbor, Door County, WI.

We always need a reading list, whether it’s for that flight you’re about to hop on, or the commute to and from work.  You know, one more thing to add to your never ending list of shit to do…

-Admit it: you love a good Buzz Feed as much as the next person; this one features recipes that should stay vintage.

-Think about this the next time you’re eating trendy avocado on toast.

-In Germany, you can have airline food delivered to your door. Like take out… (like, gross…)

Monsanto’s new scheme: make nice with food bloggers. We’ve all got a price, right?

-Food: the next contemporary art movement.

-“Brunch Is for Jerks“? I guess that makes me an asshole. In my opinion/situation, I can’t do dinner anymore; dinner coincides with the kid’s bedtime. Brunch Is my dinner, thank you very much…… (more on this later)

-The bacon craze was not started in Brooklyn/Oakland.

-And you thought mesh strainers were only for making cheese.

Good and Cheap: How to eat well on $4/day.

-The next big fruit trend (I’ve tried this in SF actually. Found it at the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market).

-Growing kale? That’s so passé. Start farming geoduck instead.

-Meet the woman who’s taking on GMOs.

-Not even China wants GMO corn.

-Your coffee will taste different with climate change.

-Egg chilling in the US.

Weekend Reading + A Few Recipe Links

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I’ve come across a bunch of articles I’ve found interesting, all food related. It was so hard for me to not just instantly repost the articles. Instead, like snail mail, I’m delivering these little gems to you now. Happy weekend reading! And I promise I’ll have a recipe up soon.

Local seafood sustainability

UCSF’s farm-to-table concept; reimagining the hospital cafeteria

Could you feed yourself for $2/day?

The connection between Boko Haram and farming

Love the design of the house; love the kitchen

Kinda’ like sun tea, except it’s jam…

Love this minimalist Parisian apt, especially the kitchen

“FOODshed: Agriculture and Art in Action” check it out in NY

A tower made of fungus at MoMA PS1

Love the kitchen stools in this gorgeous weekend house

The healthiest vegetable is….

Meat hierarchy?

Roundup & tumours

Pickled Strawberry Jam Corn Cookie Sandwich by Momofuku Milk Bar

Coconut Lemon Shortbread & Raspberry Ice Cream Sandwiches (aka kill my dreams of looking good in a swimsuit)

Browned Butter Pecan Ice Cream (more reasons to say f*** it to your diet, you only live once…)

Koldskål: A Danish Strawberry dessert reinvented

My 8mo old loved this comforting dish, you will too: Roast Chicken with Mushrooms & Artichokes

Brightly coloured glass food containers










Chicken & UTIs

I came across an article in Vogue about the antibiotic use in chickens, and how it could be linked to an increase in UTIs (urinary tract infection).

Read about it here in The Atlantic.