Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

by msmaggiekerr


‘Oh sh*t’, I thought to myself as I was just about to dye some eggs for Easter- I bought brown eggs….. argh. But! Happy accidents do occur, and the brown shell created more muted, earthy tones of the dyes. More Pinterest-friendly I guess you could say. I used Natural Egg Dyes. Although you could certainly make your own natural dye to be used not just for eggs, but to dye wool, etc, I honestly don’t have the time to extract the colour from sources. If you are feeling super Martha Stewart-ish and want to make your own dyes, you could use turmeric for orange, & beets for deep red. Here is a great article that explains how to extract colour. 

As for making patterns on your eggs, I used rubber bands for stripes. You can also use crayons to mark out drawings (white for white eggs, brown for brown eggs) or use herb leaves to make patterns. For the leaves, place the leaf on the egg, wrap nylon around the egg & leaf, secure, and dye the egg. Remove everything when finished to see your pattern.